BSince the possible options with the Segufix-System are almost endless I choose not to post every single version. To give you a idea as to what I mean...the waistbelt is available in 40 different versions. I can get any version that Segufix offers though.

Due to  recent problems with Segufix regarding copyrights (link to a german forum on medical restraints where members tell about beeing sued by Segufix) I would like to point out that Segufix is a registered trademark and that the name Segufix or their products are partly covered by patents.

M magnetic lock
V reinforced version
L longer version for wider beds
K velcro closure

Segufix 2201 Standard Waistbelt
(see below)
Segufix 2202 Complete
A Combination of 2203 + 2201 + 2204 + 2205
(see below)
Segufix 2203 Shoulder Restraint
 (see below)
Segufix 2204 Wristrestraint
Segufix 2205 Anklerestraint
Keys and Locks :
2206 (black) und 2208 (red)
5206 (green) und 5208 (yellow)

Segufix offers metal locks too, but only in one size.
The pictured metal locks are similiar, they are not from Segufix.
But they come in three different lengths.
Segufix 2211 Thigh Restraint
(see below)
Segufix 2212 Additional Shoulder Restraint
(see below)
Segufix 2213 Acute-Shoulderrestraint
 (not shown)
Segufix 2214 Acute-Wristrestraint

Segufix 2215 Acute-Anklerestraint
Segufix 2217 Headrestraint
(not in the catalogue anymore, few left in stock)
Segufix 2250 Compact
sort of a "all in one".
But you can of course upgrade it.

Biocare 7125 Kombifix
Similiar to the Segufix 2250, but from a different manufacturer.
Slightly different setup, no integrated thigh restraint but two crotchstraps.
Apart from beeing able to connect the waistbelt to the sides of the bed to limit motion
with this version you can also connect the shoulderrestraint to bed sides of the bed
to limit motion even more.

Most of the items offered by Segufix can be comined.
The Segufix-Complete is quite restrictive, but it can be upgraded to a even more limiting setup.
Of course there's a discount if you are getting a bigger set.
One possible combination consists of
(shown together with a 1043 and Posey mitts)

A different combination with a thigh restraint and a second thigh restraint used as "knee restraint".
Nice combination with a coverall that can be locked and has padded mitts.

(let your imagination run wild)